Stupas trip: August 2010. My road notes. Phase 4: Albania and Montenegro

(3 days of insane driving)

Life is like an Albanian motor road. That's the thought I had while driving at night in a motor road under construction. I didn't know if I was in the road I was supposed to be. Sometimes, I wasn't sure to have chosen correctly; surprises, unexpected obstacles that make me aware and enjoying the trip.

We sleep in a bed for one night, a real bed! Lorenc's family cares after us: nice breakfast, gorgeous lunch, all our cloths are clean and dry, ready to hit the road again.

The road to Montenegro is better. The camping by the sea is just... perfect. Can we stay here forever?

La dolce vita! Sweet like the rakia that we drink at night, under the moon, by the sea. Sweet like those kisses that drive us to heaven. Sweet like a nap under a tree.

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