Stupas trip: August 2010. My road notes. Phase 3: Karma Berchen Ling (stupa inauguration)

(6 days in Greece)

19th August

A lost beach. Sun and breeze just for us. The sea is huge, clean, like no other. Some children laugh. Freedom!

Beach and sun. There's no tomorrow.


Sleeping under a waxing moon and an ocean of stars. There's nothing between my eyes and the infinite. Nothing but me and the murmur of the water.

Passionate kissing at midnight. Kisses lost in my dreams. They will be forgotten tomorrow.

21st-24th August


Impressions: full moon over a recenlty blessed stupa. The sound of the gravel under my feet, the sound of my voice reciting mantras: I hope they help me to get rid of all these disturbing emotions... Breath. Recite. Walk. The wind cleans my thoughts. The moon fills me with light. Walk. Recite. Breath. Every step I take brings me back the control of my feelings.

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