Stupas trip: August 2010. My road notes. Phase 1: Barcelona-Venice

(1,364 km in 19 hours)

16th August

Stress, anxiety... and lots of good vibrations: waking up has been easy this Monday.

Ana and me packed and got ready to leave Lavern at 9am. Off to the airport to pick up Szymon.

Flight delayed (as usual). In front of my chest, a paper with a huge heart and his name. Let's get started!

Motor roads in France are fast. Like birds moving from continent to continent, we fly crossing borders and feeling the freedom in our hands.

The fourth passenger contacts us and he arranges the first night in Venice.

We get lost: works on the roads, unexpected roundabouts... the SatNav goes crazy. And we are still in Europe!

Here we are: 4.20am. Lorenc receives us in the bungalow (well, he receives Ana basically...). Let the birdies catch up. Szymon and me will inaugurate the trip with an awesome homemade red wine. To the Lama!


17th August

Good morning, Venice! Today the city is waiting for us. Is hard to get our bodies moving: we slept less than 5 hours after driving for 15. Chill out day, gorgeous weather.

It's always a surprise to travel with someone. Do we really know each other? Do we really know ourselves?

Singing, laughing, hugging, jumping. If life is a trip, I want it to be like this one!


18th August

Vino, vi, vin, wine... We close a perfect day with a sunset by the canal: sandwich, Chianti, breeze, the smell of the sea. The perfect combination to feel that I'm free, young, complete.

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