Stupas trip: August 2010. My road notes. Phase 2: Venice-Patra

(30 hours in a ferry)

The wind slaps my face. The vibrations of the ferry remind me of the rhythm of love... Love?

Freedom tastes and smells.


The horizon. The sea. The sky. Nothing else in my eyes. Thoughts stop. Only the slow sailing of another ferry makes me realize I'm moving. The wind tangles my hair. The wind wakes me up. Love is in the air, but it doesn't dare to touch me.

Love has forgotten me, long ago. I've been waiting for it for long now.

The shadow of a seagull. Laughs. Three white clouds.

I close my eyes. Nothing. No thing. Nothing else than me. Now. Here. I breath.


The quickest 30 hours in my life: I can't remember half of them... (too much vodka, and wine, and... ouch!)

I am sorry!

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